Optym’s leaders bring decades of experience in transportation, logistics and scheduling, and combine their real-world knowledge with their expertise in operations research, computer science and engineering.

Vic Keller

Chief Executive Officer

Vic is the Chief Executive Officer of Optym. He is a visionary leader bringing over 20 years of experience in establishing, growing and operationally optimizing both national and international companies. His innate entrepreneurial nature affords him the talents to convert strategic plans into tactical realities by guiding companies in establishing themselves as viable businesses.

His goal in leading Optym is to not only to develop and deliver the most advanced optimization software in the world, but also to have a positive impact on the world through Optym’s work. He is passionate about building and empowering teams to drive product innovation across the many sectors Optym serves.

Vic has created, launched and led several companies over the course of his career, including the ZAK Companies and the automotive industry-leading e-commerce platform Nexemo. In 2015, the ZAK companies were successfully acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc., and Vic assumed senior executive responsibilities for the newly formed Berkshire Hathaway Automotive overseeing several operating departments in the multibillion-dollar organization.

Vic earned his degree from The Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. He is the founder of KLV Capital, a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm, and serves as a board member for several companies, including Acts 29 the Global Mission Organization. He has been recognized by E&Y through the Entrepreneur of the Year program in multiple years. Vic and his wife reside in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and have two sons. He has a passion for the extreme and his interests include flying, cycling, skiing, diving, and taking unique, adventurous trips with his family all over the world.


Ravi Ahuja 

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Ravi is the founder of Optym and an academician turned entrepreneur. In an academic career spanning over 30 years, he has taught at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and the University of Florida, Gainesville. He is the coauthor of three textbooks including Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms and Applications (a leading textbook used at hundreds of universities worldwide) and over 100 research papers in optimization, mathematical modeling and algorithms. He has contributed significantly to the theory and application of network optimization, and his research papers and books are widely cited. He has received several prestigious awards for his books and research papers.

While doing research for transportation and logistics companies, Ravi discovered a big disconnect between academics and industry practice. He observed that advances taking place in optimization and computer science weren’t benefitting the transportation and logistics industry, which continued to use rudimentary techniques. Determined to change that, he founded Innovative Scheduling (which later changed into Optym) to bring the latest advances from theory to business. He continues to play a key role in Optym’s evolution from a local start-up to a global provider for decision automation and optimization solutions. He is a hands-on person who works with colleagues to solve business problems and design algorithms and user interfaces. He also performs consulting work and oversees new product development, partnership opportunities and business development initiatives.

Ravi earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. He enjoys reading books, watching documentaries, traveling and seeing the world, and meditation.

Aleksi Asikainen

Chief Technology Officer

Aleksi bring leadership, strategic vision, and substantive analysis to our company.  Aleksi hails from Dallas, TX and has extensive senior management, architectural, and hands-on development experience at various technology companies. Most recently he was the Chief Architect at Solera, Inc.

Aleksi has practical experience on all layers of software development and operations, including backend, middleware, web, mobile, desktop, database, data science, QA, and DevOps. His skillset will be crucial in growing our company to the next stage, he will be heavily involved in product development, planning, prototyping, and handovers. Aleksi is an advocate of modern technology and best practices and will help our teams to adopt new methodologies and best practices.

Krishna Jha 

Executive Vice President

Krishna’s association with Optym started in 2000 when he joined Dr. Ahuja as his Ph.D. student and later transitioned into one of the company’s first team members in 2004. Krishna has been an operations research practitioner for 15 years, focusing on the design and development of algorithms that solve real-life problems in scheduling, transportation and logistics. Krishna has led the development of several optimization and simulation software products for railroads, airlines and mining companies. His expertise in time-space network-based heuristic optimization has proven successful for solving complex problems such as train scheduling, railroad blocking and crew scheduling. Krishna has also been a key contributor in developing micro-level simulation systems for the transportation industry.

Krishna believes that decision automation is at an early stage and has endless potential to create economic and societal impact worldwide. His strength lies in collaborating with business and technical teams to come up with innovative solutions that meet business needs. He is involved at a detailed level in defining business problems, understanding data, system design, mathematical modeling, solution architecture and software delivery. Krishna also oversees Optym’s administrative operations, as well as the financial and corporate affairs of the company.

Before moving to the United States in 2000, Krishna was an industrial engineer for four years at Tata Steel, the largest private sector steel producer in India. He earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, is the coauthor of nine research papers, and has won several awards at INFORMS for his research. Krishna loves reading non-fiction, music, walking and biking in his spare time.

Arthur Ghulyan

Executive Director – Optym Armenia

Arthur manages the operations of our Armenia office and spearheads Optym’s growth in the European and CIS regions. He joined Optym in 2016 and is now a member of the company’s Board of Directors. In his professional career spanning over 17 years, Arthur has worked with the world’s leading IT companies to help them solve strategic and tactical decision-making problems.

Arthur has extensive experience with highly complex systems, which require a deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on customer commitments.

Prior to joining Optym, he was an Executive Manager at IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center and an Executive Director at EKENG CJSC. He has led and motivated international and local teams of more than 70 employees.

Arthur earned his Doctor of Engineering degree in Automated Management Systems and his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the State Engineering University of Armenia. In his spare time, he likes playing table tennis and basketball.

Punit Ahuja 

Executive Director – Optym India

Punit has been serving the technology services field across diverse domains for 30 years. During last decade, he has worked in the technology space for the construction industry, including optimizing design and construction processes. He has experience leading high-performance teams across functions with a hands-on approach, and he contributed towards exemplary growth at his last organization, where he served 16 years. Prior to joining Optym, he headed Intec Infra-Technologies, a global technology services company with its delivery center in New Delhi and support offices at various global locations.

Punit earned his MS in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani, and a BE in Electronics and Power from Nagpur University, India. He has spent his career learning operations and the challenges of various domains. In his spare moments, he tries to squeeze in time for badminton and enjoys visiting offbeat places such as Antarctica. In addition, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.