Company Culture

At Optym, we enjoy a friendly and collaborative environment that embraces diversity and encourages scholarship and achievement.

Our team members bring together a wide range of ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds. It also allows us to learn more about each other and the world in which we live.

Yet with all of our individual distinctiveness, we are bound by a shared passion for problem solving and making a positive societal impact. The contributions of every team member are considered equal in order to inspire everyone to share their ideas and opinions. We also encourage each other to enhance and share knowledge through workshops, certifications and other avenues of professional development.

We also enjoy our Optym family outside of the office. It’s not uncommon for us to have gatherings after hours, be it a small group at dinner or a company-wide event. Time spent together is not only fun, it also strengthens our bonds and makes for a better team at work.

We are always looking for creative,
ambitious people for our team.